Friday, 6 May 2011


I have lovely childhood memories of our family camper van. My parents used to take our family of seven away in our 1958 Split screen Camper Van to travel around Europe and UK back in early 70’s. I remember that camper van drivers would honk and wave as they passed each other. Do they still do this now I wonder? 
My family camper van holiday in the early 1970's

It is becoming very popular for couples to incorporate camper vans into their weddings, either for the wedding itself or for the honeymoon. I thought I would look into what was available for the bride and groom and discovered a whole camper van world of possibles.

Vintage Camper 

Whilst researching Camper van hire I came across this fantastic website. Vintage Camper is a fantastic resource for camper van enthusiasts. The company was set up by husband and wife team who are camping fanatics that got fed up with not being able to find stylish and unique camping products.  Their website not only directs you to recommended companies offering top of the range camper van hire, but also to a list of campsites and camper van festivals, camping tips, camping food, etc. They have then searched high and low to feature a fantastic collection of the most stylish and cool camping accessories. Each product is hand selected for quality style and originality. 
Camper Van Accessory: Poppy Treffry Tea cosy
Camper Van Picnic Basket: Velvet Brown
Camper Van Festival: Plhymouth Volksfest

Strawberry Leisure specialise in Wedding hire camper vans in wonderful condition. So when you start planning your wedding why not think of hiring a camper van - stand out & do something different. Get the most out of your hire. Use it as the wedding car, decorate the van to suit the style of your wedding and use it as another room for your guests to sit in & relax.
Plus, Have your camper van in the wedding photos to add a quirky vintage twist. With a decorated camper van it can add to original wedding photos.

Have your Wedding photographs taken with the camper van
Decorate the inside of your camper van
Apart from the great selection in the Vintage Camper website, I found a great selection of websites offering camper van hire and I shall share a few: 


  1. Oooh wish we had got a mention - on Dylan's first hire, the couple came back engaged and have now booked him for their wedding!

  2. I have a huge soft spot for camper vans. Great for wedding day photos too. The red carpet and champagne is a lovely idea.

  3. Lovely post! I'm pretty sure they do still wave at each other, hope they do anyway. I have a Nissan Figaro and it's great when you see another one-we always wave frantically at each other lol! x

  4. Glad to hear that drivers of vintage cars still wave.

  5. This post is fabulous. All the vans are beautifully decorated. It makes special moments & memories for couples. This is very beautiful gift for them. Camper vans are becoming very popular for wedding & honeymoon. Some hire them for family tours,camps,festivals etc. It is a good sharing.

  6. The picture of the mint green campervan (KGW542A) is one of Liberty Campers buses. This picture is very special to me because it was the day I drove my friends Julia and Lee on their wedding day.

    Yes all campers still honk, wave, flash at each other, it's a great world from inside a campervan, try it sometime :-)

  7. This is an amazing post. A enjoy of wedding couple is so high. A motor van is nicely decorated for that special couple to go for honey to spend very special time with each other.

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