Thursday, 9 June 2011


The Perfect wedding gift

Kyleigh's Papercuts are all originally designed and hand-cut by Kyleigh herself. Each piece is unique and can be personalised to suit your requirements: a personal song, a lyric or sentiment, a poem, etc. Once finished, they are framed using beautiful glass aperture frames, meaning the papercut itself is sandwiched between two sheets of glass with a frame surrounding the glass. This has the added bonus of going with any decor, and they cast beautiful shadows in the right light. As you can see they would make beautiful & original wedding presents. If you would like to buy a piece of Lyleigh's artwork see her website by clicking HERE. Or you can also visit her shop on Not on The Hight Street by clicking HERE.


  1. I love these and have seen Kyleighs work before, it is beautiful and is on my wishlist for this year!