Monday, 13 June 2011


How would you / did you propose? 
We would love to hear about your proposal.
If you could do it all again, how would you do it? 
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2 Green Monkeys

I have just discovered this company, 2 Green Monkies,  who make a unique handmade fabric "Will you Marry Me" fortune cookie. Each cookie comes loosely hand stitched with thread that pulls open to view the fortune inside. The "Marry Me" cookie comes with a fortune message reading "Will you marry me" inserted inside a fabric cookie. You can also choose a ring tie option (the cookie will be loosely open, ready for you to attach the engagement ring and tie the cookie shut) for the ultimate proposal. They offer a selection of fabric colour schemes to choose from. Send them your details and they will stitch your wording to the outside of your fortune cookie. To see the fortune cookies on 2 Green Monkeys' website click HERE.

Will you marry me? fortune cookie
These fortune cookie also make wonderful wedding favours
Beautifully stitched with your personal message


  1. Wow how cool are these, brilliant idea. By the way I was proposed to in the "the trip to Jeruselum" (the trip) in Nottingham over a pint of cider and some veg lasagne, it was perfect!

  2. it was a long time ago...just found I was pregnant with daughter no 2...lying in bed on a saturday morning...'suppose we'd better get married'....needless to say it didn't last.....but there were good times along the way

  3. My husband was very brave - he gave me a teddy at the Christmas dinner table in front of all the family. There was a zip on the front of the teddy and inside was a very lovely diamond ring!!! I was the only one who didn't have a clue - even my brother sussed out what was going on - I thought there were sweets in the teddy - needless to say it was a much nicer surprise than sweets :)

  4. Oh my God! that is just lovely!! What a star you husband is.

  5. I've been married 32 yrs next month. My husband was in the royal navy and we were penpals. When he came home in dec 1978 we met and within a month he asked if I'd marry him. We got married on the 7th July 1979. Everyone said we were too young (21) and it would never last. I'm very proud of the fact that we are still together. Xx

  6. I think that is lovely! Thanks for sharing. X

  7. My husband proposed at a picnic we had for my birthday years ago. It was perfect, just the two of us on a lovely Summers day. He must have been so nervous but he got it exactly right!

  8. My husband took me to the church step and asked me if I'd marry him there in however many months time it was the same church (my dad's the vicar - shhhh!) where we'd sat on the wall chatting for hours the first night I met him on our way back with him 'walking me home'.