Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Introducing Emma Woodhouse - The Wedding Reporter

Emma Woodhouse - The Wedding Reporter

The Wedding Reporter is essentially the collision of my passion for writing with my love of weddings. In March, I floated the idea of going to weddings and then writing about them as a keepsake on Twitter and received overwhelming feedback in support for the concept. Essentially, I attend a wedding in a similar manner to any wedding guest, but with the addition of a notebook to scribble down any thoughts I have. I chat to family and friends and soak up the atmosphere of the wedding before going off and writing a creative non-fiction account of the day for the couple which they can then have published into a bespoke booklet.

When I got married last year, it occurred to me that so much had happened in the space of 12 short hours that there would be no way I could remember it all in my dotage! As such, I spent my honeymoon writing a report of our wedding and from there I have gone on to chronicle many more beautiful days. A wedding is often the most chaotic, exciting and love-filled day in a couple's life and it's a shame not to have the opportunity to savour all of those moments at the time. My job is to put the greatest love story of your life into words, for you to look back on in years to come.

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