Friday, 5 August 2011


Having just returned from a Spanish holiday I decide to look into Spanish style wedding dress designers and for me it has to be Pepe Botella. He opened his first shop 36 years ago in his home town of Alicante, Spain. Now his daughter, Lucia Botella continues her farther's work, with her first solo collection in 2000. She is said to have drawn her inspiration from 'the glamour and sophistication of the goddesses of the silver screen from 1950's America'. I love the combination of the silver screen glamour mixed with a rather passionate and sexy Flamenco dancer.

To see the Pepe Botella website click HERE.


  1. Those are some gorgeous dresses. I can't even pick a favorite, although I truly love the last one.

  2. Beautiful designs! Pepe Botella is an amazing designer. The dresses are very sophisticated and chic!

  3. One of my brides wore one this year! I love the one with the puff sleeves!! x x