Monday, 13 February 2012


I really love these American Vintage Pin up photos by Marie Man Photography.  Marie is an experienced photojournalist, who also offers weddings, portraits and fashion photography. 
Here is what Marie said about the photo shoot: 
"Everything vintage is super in-vogue at the moment.  But vintage can mean almost anything.  When I think of vintage, I think of muted colours, decorative details, fanciful sweet embellishments and lashings of romance; everything that every girl loves in her wedding styling and photography right now.  But it can also be the bold colours of rock and roll and the black and white of the silver screen. 
I’m generally a modern day photographer – photographing and documenting our times.  However, there is still something very appealing about vintage photography.  For me, part of that is about capturing an age of innocence. When local strobist, Rob Heslop masterminded a shoot inspired by 1950s US pinups, I was immediately onboard.  I wanted to recreate the spirit of the emergence of the first pinup age, when poses were cheeky and saucy, but rarely sleazy, from a time when women were women and men were men (for better or worse!) It didn’t help my Mad Men obsession one bit – for all his flaws, I mourn for the loss of the Don Drapers of this world.
The models rose to the challenge and we had plenty of fun. Some of these shots were directly inspired by authentic vintage pinup poses and others were more…improvised!"

Massive effort was involved to bring this together, so huge thanks to Rob Heslop and further credit where its due…

Collaborators included:
Roger Barnes
James Bailey
Angi Nelson
Peter Tecks
To visit Marie Man Photography's website click HERE.

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