Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Into That Dress

This is the time of year Brides-to-be are planning their weddings: the venue, the band, the honeymoon, the dress....THE DRESS!! The prospect of wearing a beautifully fitted wedding dress and being the centre of attention can bring on all sorts of concerns for women. The biggest and foremost being 'I need to loose weight'

You could go down the route of slimming clubs and starving yourself in order to look good only to gain the weight back on again as fast as you lost it. On the other hand, there is an alternative that will change the way you think about food and teach you the correct sort of exercise for your body. I love the concept behind this company. Basically it is about the whole you, and most importantly, getting fit, and eating well. With all of these things you will find that not only have you lost weight and have  toned your figure, but you also feel fantastic! 

Start of your married life feeling fit, healthy, empowered and ready for anything, whilst looking drop dread gorgeous. Have a look at the website INTO THAT DRESS and also Tim's Blog posts about food. Real food for thought (if you will excuse the pun!). 

Tim Mugabi of Into That Dress

Here is what Tim says about the company: 

"Into That Dress is a Personal Training company based in London that specialises in helping Brides-to-be lose weight for their wedding day. I created Into That Dress because I felt there was nothing out there that catered specifically for women who wanted to look their absolute best on their big day.

I fully believe that Brides-to-be are a special group of women. They have a special motivation that if taken advantage of can enable them to look incredible as they walk down the aisle.  But if that motivation is left unchecked, it can prove destructive. This is why so many future brides succumb to dangerous crash diets and excessive exercise routines; because there was no-one out there guiding them with an alternative.

Into That Dress is that alternative. We help you to achieve long lasting weight loss with our Three Fundamentals of Weight Loss: Mindset, Diet and Exercise.  We help keep you motivated and help you to motivate yourself, make sure you eat the right things consistently and provide you with a tailored exercise plan that will transform your body.

So when it comes to making sure you look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day, you don’t have to do it alone. Into That Dress will help you say ‘I do’ to a slimmer you!"
Tim Mugabi 

Tim at work with a bride-to-be


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