Friday, 7 September 2012


How about booking a real toe-tapping, foot-stomping band for your wedding? These guys are just fantastic!  The Baker Boys will play ALL the Jazz Standards and they also specialize in the Gypsy Jazz and New Orleans styles of jazz. They are more than happy to take requests!!!

This Is Somerset review:  "The Baker Boys with Leonie Evans, Coronation Tap 10/10
IN a word, this act is brilliant. Toe-tappingly, smile-warmingly brilliant. It was music to make you sway and no one wanted it to end. It had an entrancing quality, was beguiling and utterly marvellous. Tucked away in a small cosy pub in Clifton, this unassuming venue hid a real gem of a performance. Bar chatter faded to a minimum, as under a small spotlight guitars, bass and an incredible vocal took centre stage. The vibe was relaxed, smooth and mellow. Easy listening at its best. Leonie Evans' distinctive vocals were magical. Taking on swing, blues, the banjo and an astonishingly good simulated trumpet sound in her understated stride she kept the audience in her thrall. The unassuming singer created a lovely lilt reminiscent of the 1940s songbirds offering an injection of glamour. The pace was lively and upbeat. Wistful, romantic songs of love affairs, regrets, moonlight and dreams were a delight to the ear. While the flying fingers on the guitar and bass were simply excellent. They are stunning strummers, giving an almost intuitive performance. They seemed to feel the music as they played and are hugely talented. The jaunty pace, lively sound and enormous talent made for a superb evening."                                                        

The band's website:
Phone: 07825 265300

Twitter: @bakerboysband 
Facebook HERE.

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