Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I am always looking for something that is just a little bit different for this wedding blog and I think I have found it in 'The Discovery Party.' I love the idea of using life coaching games, looking to the future and laughing with friends. I think it would be a really great Hen Night event  

You could arrange a Discovery Party for your Hen night, over wine and nibbles, or as a bonding evening prior to your Hen Night. It would also make a great gift to your friends who will be with you and supporting you on the run up to your big day.  Alternatively, Perhaps you have friends that can’t make the “big” Hen weekend away. Discovery Party would make a great alternative! 

The anticipation of a wedding, yours or a close friend or family member, always makes us think about the big things in life: relationships, dreams, where we want to live and how we want to live our lives.  It’s not often that we get a good opportunity to mull those things over, get in touch with our dreams and life goals and take time out to make some changes – life is so busy and often so stressful.

There’s nothing better than being around good friends, chatting and having a good laugh. Did you know that people, especially woman, can reduce stress and increase happiness by coming together for a common purpose – yes that’s a fact!

At Discovery Party, they know how to get you laughing, sharing and thinking about what you would like different in your life. They use life coaching games, played with your friends and sometimes colleagues, usually over a bottle of wine or two. It’s a fun and relaxed way to explore your future in a low pressure way.

It’s a bit like other party plans but they don’t aim to sell you things, they just want you to have an experience which will last a lifetime. Someone hosts the party at their home or somewhere else and they invite people to come along – anywhere between and 8 and 14 is ideal. Each guest is just asked to contribute £10 to cover the costs of the coach, but the host doesn’t pay. After a fun evening of discovering and sharing, everyone gets to take away some useful resources to continue their experience.

And it doesn’t just end at the party, you may decide to have another party with a particular theme like “confidence”, “starting a business” or “becoming more creative”. You can also join in the discussions on their Facebook page, ask questions and get support that way. They also have a regular blog with inspiration and ideas which will help us all!

So what are you waiting for? Staying in is the new going out and Discovery Party gives you a great night in with a difference. 

Jen Gash
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To arrange a party contact: or  07772267004 

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