Friday, 22 February 2013


For Cambridge-educated historian Abby, starting Cherished was about giving prominence to her love of crafting and marrying it with her passion for early-twentieth century culture and design. Abby relishes the 'upcycling' that a Cherished headpiece entails. Many of the original pieces she uses in her designs have lain forgotten in jewellery boxes for years; some are brooches with missing pins, some necklaces with broken clasps or strings, others are single earrings unable to be used for their original purpose. All deserve being brought into the limelight again, beginning a new chapter in their decorative history. Cherished pieces celebrate the warm lustre of old faux pearls, the soft sparkle of antique paste stones, and the vibrancy of mid-century rhinestones. This sensitivity to the enduring beauty of vintage pieces is what Cherished is all about. 



This February Cherished has launched, along with their new 2013 jewellery range, their own bespoke range of gift packaging, making these stunning pieces available as gifts and future family heirlooms. The design for the packaging originated from early-twentieth century fine jewellery catalogues, sourced by Abby from a dealer of early twentieth century ephemera. To see more information about their new packaging and stationery range, please click HERE.

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  1. These pieces are just gorgeous! Thank you for featuring Cherished!

  2. wow! all really pretty! They will make any bride gorgeous!

  3. These hair pieces are lovely, thanks so much for sharing this feature. The 5th one down's my favorite.