Monday, 17 March 2014


Wedding Clothing and Accessories with style...
Photography by Rosa Fay Photography

Yesterday I attended the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair at the Clifton Pavilion at the Bristol Zoo Gardens. My photographer was Rosa Fay Photography. As Rosa is more of a Fashion Photographer, her photographs were much stronger on the wedding fashion and accessory side, so I have decided to focus purely on this part of the event. But please do also visit the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair website to see the full selection of wonderful and creative exhibitors. 

Visit the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair website for more details of the event and the exhibitors. Above is only a very small selection of the wonderful exhibitors that were there on the day.

N.B. I have tried, where possible to list the companies you see above, if you are on this post and not listed, please let me know and I will amend ASAP. Thank you 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014



Clifton Cakes are running a 3 Tier Wedding Cake course, which is Ideal for those of you who are keen to make your own (or your daughter's, sister's, etc) wedding cake. The class at Clifton Cakes, Bristol, will cover how to split, fill and cover both real and dummy cakes and then safely stack them in a closed stack. They will also demonstrate how to decorate your cake with sugar paste butterflies or roses & stripes using royal icing in a piping bag. This is a great opportunity to learn some really valuable cake decorating skills and would be a lovely course for a mother and daughter to attend together. 

The course is suitable for intermediate level.

The course includes all the tools required to complete the course (including a delicious sponge cake and two dummy cakes which you will cover decorate finish and box to take home).

For course dates and to book, please click HERE.


Monday, 3 February 2014


The Vintage Wedding Fair will take place on Sunday, 16th March, 2014 at Clifton Pavilion, Bristol Zoo Gardens. Exhibitors will be displaying original, vintage items as well as vintage inspired pieces. Above all, everything on display will be truly inspiring and unique.

The Fair will appeal to brides who want a full vintage wedding, and to those who just want something that little bit special.

It will also appeal to the discerning vintage crowd. Whether you're getting married or not, there's sure to be something to inspire you amid the exquisite lingerie, jewellery and clothes.

£1.00 entrance fee (which also includes a ticket for the prize draw at 2.30 - All proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Society).

For more details see their website:

Sunday, 5 January 2014


I just love this photograph taken in the 1940s of a couple called Helen Fowler and Christopher Morrison. They stood proudly amid the ruins of a bombed-out church on their wedding day and made their wedding vows. They did not kneel down during the service because of the debris and a table was brought in for the marriage registers whilst relatives stood on the stone steps to watch. This photograph made front page news in Britain and Canada. The image captured the nation's heart. Local papers of the time were not allowed to reveal it was St. Bart's Church that had been wrecked by fire, until months afterwards. News blackouts were in force to keep information from the enemy, and in some cases the public.  

Helen and Christopher Morrison ended up living a stone's throw from the church and went on to have a happy life sharing six children together. What I love about this photograph is it symbolises the one thing that really matters in a wedding: the couple, and their love for each other. It also shows that if you have a strong bond as a couple, you don't really need all the trappings of a modern day wedding. 

Today's weddings seems to have been taken over more by material things, such as wedding themes, designer clothes and venue styling. I think all these are good 'in moderation', but we must not lose sight of the real reason one decides to make a wedding vow. When planning your wedding, keep hold of this fact and remember that you and your partner are what is important here. All the modern day trappings that you may think are essential, really are irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. Do you really think you are going to be happier if you are wearing a £3,000 dress on your wedding day? Is it really that important to have a wedding theme?

You do not have to spend a fortune on your wedding day. You don't have to style your wedding a certain way, as if it was in a magazine. The day can be achieved on a small budget and still be just as lovely. Try to put the focus on you, as a couple, rather than the objects and themes on the wedding day. Make your wedding personal to you both, and remember that you will look glamorous in whatever you wear as long as you are happy! Happiness is the one thing money can not buy. Happiness is the one thing you can still hold onto in times of war, and happiness is what you feel when in love with the right man.


These images show times of separation for couples, and as you know, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.' In a time when most couples were stripped of everyday material things and separated from their loved ones, one becomes faced with the things that are important in life. If you are getting married soon, remember this. Just look at these photos of passionate moments of embrace as couples said goodbye to each other, never knowing if they will ever see each other again.

Images taken from the internet
For more information about Helen and Christopher Morrison: